Spinal TwistRestorative Flow is a luxurious yoga practice with movements that are slow, gentle, repetitive and rocking to create a class that is deeply nourishing.

Yoga students who will benefit from this type of practice are:

  • those who want to deeply relax and de-stress
  • those wanting a contemplative practice
  • those with chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis and are looking for ways to exercise in a safe manner
  • those with limited range of motion
  • those who want to develop their awareness of subtle energy or prana

Restorative Flow classes differ from “restorative poses” in that the class is a gentle flow from one relaxing posture into the next. There is no stopping to gather props, to situate yourself in a pose, or to have the help of another person to position you in the pose. One pose flows seamlessly into the next in a relaxing continuum.

For a Restorative Flow class you need only a mat and one blanket. This makes it easy for yoga teachers who go from one site to the next to teach their classes to offer this style without having to supply lots of blankets, blocks, etc.

This style is excellent for

  • people who want to incorporate self-healing into their lifestyle
  • yoga teachers who want to add a specialty to their yoga class offerings
  • teachers wanting to incorporate parts of Restorative Flow into their regular hatha yoga classes