I just have to tell you that the training I took from you really transformed my practice and my teaching. What’s really cool is seeing the transformation in my students who attend those classes. They love it! ~ Cindy F., April 2012

Your e-workbook is amazing. So well organized and full of great poses that aren’t gymnastics disguised as yoga! Thank you so much. ~ Grace K. , Oct 2008

Lying Spintal Twist
I have been bragging about the Restorative Flow workshop all week in class. Everyone who attended has commented how much they liked you and wished they had more time to get to know you. Your presentation and teaching style is so full of information. You made it easy to integrate the movement and benefits of each pose. We were especially intrigued with the Qigong. I have already included a lot of what we did in my classes this week. ~ Barbara M., Yoga Teacher and studio owner, Texas Yoga Center, Houston, Tx

Because I have only had experience with Hatha Yoga (also power yoga), I found this restorative form of yoga very soothing and energizing at the same time. I found myself connecting with my inner self in such a way that calmness did take me over. I learned to pay more attention to the littlest detail in my daily activities and everything that surrounds me. This training provided me with great ways on how to slow down my sometimes fast-paced life. The poses and movements were great in the sense that not much effort was needed to practice them. Yet, they were stimulating and refreshing. I would like for this training to take place in an outdoor type of setting where nature can play a role in this experience as well as adding more ways to develop or cultivate more awareness about our bodies, minds and surroundings (family, nature, work, etc.) I truly enjoyed the event, and I hope it happens again soon. ~ Leti G., Reynosa, Mexico, 2007

I began teaching a Restorative Flow class every Sat morning back in February, actually the weekend after I came to your training. It has been such a powerful pleasure for those that come. One of the women, Billye, had brain surgery in February and is very weak and shaky, and just is enjoying moving slowly and safely. Another, Kelly, who was coming before she was diagnosed with breast cancer is now recovering, having just finished chemo. These sweet women have been pretty ravaged. Both tell me again and again how much better, stronger, and encouraged they feel. I love what Restorative Flow does for people. I love it. I could teach it all the time. I cannot thank you enough for this gift to me and others. ~ Kathy C., Yoga Instructor, Texas

I really enjoyed the workshop and everyone participating. What a rich experience! So much stuff I can put to immediate use and allot of stuff to take in slowly… Everything about it was thought provoking and inspiring. ~ Ramona F., yoga instructor, Austin, Texas

Yoga should be accessible to everyone, and this style of yoga really allows all ages and abilities to benefit. And, yes, it is luxurious! ~ Tara McLain, yoga instructor, Dallas, Texas

Donna is a gracious and gentle class leader. Her instruction is inspiring. ~ Marlene Hammond

Restorative Flow is a wonderfully gentle way to get to know your body. ~ Twila Dawn Davis, Austin, Texas

Learning Restorative Flow can make yoga classes inviting for all — not just the fitness enthusiasts, but for the people that have any limitations with their body. ~ Sue Shinko, R.N., yoga teacher, Wisconsin

During my Monday morning class, I used several of the postures you provided to us and several of the cues and ideas incorporating the rocking motion. The class loved it and I got some really wonderful feedback afterward. The students are always complimentary, but that morning they were especially so. I truly feel it had to come from the new postures and ideas I received from your workshop. Thanks! ~ Cindy Fearon , San Antonio, Texas

The restorative flow yoga classes offer one’s mind, body and spirit a gentle and beautiful invitation inward. ~ Jennifer Hoffman, Springfield, Virginia

The gift of Restorative Flow training is that it will not only enhance your yoga teaching skills, but you as a person. ~ Colleen Hernandiz, yoga instructor, California

This style of yoga is particularly appropriate for those with disabilities and for caregiverse whose lives are shadowed by the constant needs of others. ~ Pat Jones, Stephenville, Texas

I’ve always told my students that Judith Lasater is the Queen of Restorative poses. Now we have Donna, the Duchess of the Restorative Flow! ~ Pat Colonna, Yoga Denton, Denton, Texas

I love (and think everyone else did as well) the fabulously done Restorative Flow Teacher Training Workbook. it is thorough, concise and I especially like the illustrations. What a piece of work! And the restorative class itself peeled back many layers of stress in my body, mind and spirit. I believe this workshop is a valuable learning opportunity and covers a new approach to restorative yoga in detail, with humor, love and warmth. ~ Debbie Collier

Wonderfully restful! ~ Wanda Holmes

Restorative Flow is a gentle and affirming style of yoga. It is ideal for students who are new to yoga. ~ Jill Fiore, yoga teacher at Women’s Shelter, Pennsylvania

Donna has a gift for relaxation. ~ Becca Dean, Billings, Montana

Thank you for a wonderful experience, your gentle perspective, and balanced hospitality! I brought in several components from the Restorative Flow training into the restorative class I teach with positive feedback. I so love how diverse the tapestry of yoga is, how receptive it is to the unraveling and reweaving. ~ Anne Marie Dorsa, Round Rock, Texas

I love being able to use Restorative Flow with traditional hatha yoga. It makes it twice as valuable. It also gives me more confidence when working with students who have limited mobility. ~ Pam Cassidy, yoga teacher, Houston, Texas

A deep relaxation. Just what I needed! ~ Jean Smoot, Texas

During class I felt like I was a baby being swaddled in a mother’s arms. ~ Jeannette Topica, Tulsa, Oklahoma

I feel like Rip Van Winkle after his deep sleep. ~ Marty Thompson, Tuscon, Arizona

The workbook is excellent! I know I can use the material in my regular classes, or as a complete class by itself. ~ Corine Baerwald, yoga studio owner, Kerrville, Texas

As yoga students we are usually very impatient, and we think that classes should be harder and faster. I personally enjoy taking a restorative class. My body really appreciates it! ~ Luz Browning, yoga teacher, San Miguel, Mexico

The training and workbook gave me the confidence to start a Restorative Flow class, but also lots of ideas of poses and ways to teach that can be integrated into any class. ~ Gwynn Groggle, yoga teacher, Kerrville, Texas

The longer I practice yoga the more I appreciate restorative poses. In this crazy fast paced world, they are invaluable! ~ Melodie White, Austin, Texas

I loved this class and Donna’s presentation. She projects such a calm and accepting presence that I feel instantly at east. She included visualization imagery with some movements; I responded deeply to these and liked the poses she chose. I also liked not doing imagery all the time. Donna’s voice and pacing was wonderfully soothing. She gave very few verbal cues which helped me keep from thinking too much. The workbook has wonderful illustrations and directions, and I find it entirely user-friendly. Donna included brief meditations and ample break time, which kept me feeling relaxed; I did not feel hurried or “pushed.” By serving us lunch at her studio on Saturday, we did not have to break the “spell” by getting out in traffic or deciding what and where to eat. Her studio and home are an excellent lo9cation for this type of training because it felt as if we were on a retreat rather than going to a teacher training workshop. I received excellent training and I’m sure I will use the restorative flow myself and hope to teach a restorative class someday. ~ Patti Grote, Texas

The whole theme of Restorative Flow is gentle and slow repetitive movement. It is a healing force, both physically and mentally. We slow the mind down giving it and the body a chance to heal and renew. It gives us a break from our hectic daily lives. The beauty of it is that it can stand alone as a recovery tool, and it can be easily integrated into a gentle or traditional yoga practice. ~ Pam Cassidy, Houston

I loved the restorative yoga. It’s the best I have ever done! Your balance and centeredness was wonderful.~ Gwen.

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